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When the online visibility of a website or web page in a web search is affected then it is referred to as search engine optimization. The other names of search engine optimization are earned, organic and natural results. The process of promoting a site in order to increase the number of backlinks is SEO tactic. SEO creation for a website involves various steps. The process of creating SEO for website include; creating page titles, creating meta tags, placing strategic search phrases on pages, developing new sitemaps for Google and submitting website to directories. In addition creation of a SEO can be done individually by following some key tips.

One of the tip includes mastering keyword research which provides an understanding of the word and phrases that consumers use to find your products. Aside from providing an understanding it also helps to gauge the demand for them and identifies keyword themes that real searchers use in their search queries. A quantitative demand score helps to determine the relative value in targeting each keyword theme which is a necessity of keyword tools.

By planning your site then consumers are able to identify pages on the website that address their search queries. A list on paper or spread sheet of all top, mid and low tier web pages with their corresponding keyword focus forms the basis of the architecture website is the process of planning your site. The process of creation of web pages is dependent on access to developers and designers and ecommerce platform which results to optimization of the site. The websites of today need to be responsive to mobiles as the growing number of smart phone and tablet users has grown largely.

Aspects such as content production, graphic design and webpage layout are encompassed in the process of creating websites. A subset of web development is web design which is also include in client-server side scripting, web content development, network security configuration among other tasks. The creation process of websites is web development but the aspect of content production, webpage layout and graphic design is web design. Web design basically deals with the layout and overall appearance of the website. On top of that web design also deals with the working of the technical side which involves a lot of programming.

The layout which is the appearance and the content involved which can be personified is what entails web design. Based on the owner’s needs then web development basically deals with a lot of coding and programming for it to function. The main difference between web design and web development is that a lot of coding and writing markup is involved in web development than in web design. A website’s functionality with the aid of coding and programming is the main aspect of web development. Client-side coding, server-side coding and database technology are the categories of web development.

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